Weight-loss Surgery & Long-term Diabetes Control

Some patients were benefiting up to nine years

Stacy Brethauer, a bariatric surgeon at the Cleveland Clinic Bariatric & Metabolic Institute in Ohio. “Only about half of diabetics in the United States currently have acceptable control of their blood glucose level.” “Our study, however, shows that 80 percent of the diabetic patients still control their blood glucose five years after their bariatric surgery,” Brethauer added in a clinic news release. “Additionally, nearly one-third of gastric bypass patients had normal blood glucose levels off medication for over five years after surgery.” The researchers also found that the biggest predictors of sustained diabetes remission were long-term weight loss, a shorter duration of diabetes before surgery (less than 5 years), and having gastric bypass surgery rather than adjustable gastric banding . The study, published online Sept. 19 in the journal Annals of Surgery, included 217 obese patients with type 2 diabetes who underwent weight loss surgery, also called bariatric surgery, between 2004 and 2007. They were followed for at least five years. Three types of weight loss surgery were used: 162 patients had gastric bypass surgery, a nonreversible procedure that changes the size and shape of the stomach; 32 had gastric banding, which is less invasive and reversible; and 23 underwent sleeve gastrectomy, which involves removal of a large portion of the stomach.
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Fitness Friday: How To Swing The Club Faster (part Iii)


In the third and final step, House borrows from a method he has used to make pitchers throw the ball harder. “I’m not a golf instructor, but I can improve clubhead speed,” says House, who is a major league pitching coach and advisor to the University of Southern California’s athletic department. His philosophy is that you can train your body to react faster, essentially accelerating the time it takes nerve impulses to make your muscles contract. You also develop more speed by improving flexibility, he says. “The more you do this program, the faster your swing will get.” The third step of the program involves making golf swings with implements of various weight and also from various platforms. For example, you start on your knees swinging a golf shaft (no clubhead) or alignment rod as fast as you can in each direction for a prescribed number of reps. Then you increase the weight by swinging a 5-iron.
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Currahees complete Master Fitness Trainer Course

Soldiers with 4th BCT said that the training was informative, was physically rigorous and tested mental aptitude. “All the classes are college-level classes so, they covered things like muscle anatomy, so you really have to be on your game as far as the mental aspect of the course,” said Sgt. 1st Class Shahied Abdulbaar, a platoon sergeant with 1st Platoon, Troop C, 1st Squadron, 61st Cavalry Regiment, 4th BCT, 101st Abn. Div. “I consider myself in pretty good shape,” he said. “Doing PT, from 6:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m., three straight hours.
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Fitness First new naming rights sponsor of Corporate Triathlon National Series

Our events are all about promoting and encouraging a healthy lifestyle something that Fitness First as a fitness market leader obviously also subscribes to making them a perfect fit for our popular corporate tri series. In its twenty six years of delivering World class triathlons at inspired CBD locations, the Series has become an institution amongst the Australian corporate community supporting employee pursuits for a healthy active lifestyle. As the experts in fitness, boasting 78 gyms nationwide, Fitness First is an ideal partner for the Corporate Triathlon National Series. Fitness First, Head of Marketing, Anthony McDonough, said that the company is delighted to be affiliated with the series and supporting the sport. Partnering with the Corporate Triathlon National Series is a great brand fit for Fitness First we, like SuperSprint, are passionate about encouraging people, whether they are a seasoned athlete or an amateur preparing for their first ever triathlon, to challenge themselves. At Fitness First, we are proud to support the healthy lifestyles and competitive aspirations of those who compete in the Corporate Triathlon National Series and for whom fitness is part of their life, both in the gym and in the outdoors. A new partnership creates a fantastic platform to launch a revitalised event series and as such with the introduction of many new improvements and initiatives the 2014 Fitness First Corporate Triathlon National Series 2014 is poised to be the biggest and best ever staged. The Series commences on 2 March 2014 in Melbourne.
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New Weight Loss Drugs: More Harm Than Good

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